We have been providing Conveyancing Services for over 30 years with respect to both residential properties and commercial transactions and we have learned that effective communication is key to a smooth and cost effective transaction.

If buying or selling it is essential to have a “team” in your corner who will not only communicate with you but will also communicate clearly and regularly with each other on an ongoing basis during the course of your transaction.

Depending on your transaction, you can have up to 8 people who need to understand and implement simple communication practices e.g. Client, Lender, Sales Agent, Valuer, Surveyor, Accountant, Insurance Broker and Solicitor.   Significant pitfalls can be avoided in your Property Transaction through clear communication.

When you instruct a Solicitor to act for you in connection with any matter, you will no doubt receive communications from them by various means, for example, in writing (by post or email), over the telephone or at personal meetings.  It is important to establish from the outset of your transaction your preferred method of communication.  Alternatively, if you want the matter to proceed as quickly as possible and want to be alerted speedily to any progress email is preferable.

In addition, if you have any particular areas of concern or interest regarding a property transaction, no matter how small or insignificant they may seem to you, it is extremely important that you let your Solicitor know about these at the outset of the transaction or as soon as they become apparent.

It is also extremely important to thoroughly read any communications received from your Solicitor as the documents sent to you will include important information and may include action points for you.

Keeping the lines of communication flowing with your Solicitor and making sure that you read all of the paperwork carefully is extremely important during a conveyancing transaction. Be clear with your Solicitor about where your priorities lie and any particular areas of concern or interest you have as soon as these become apparent to assist the transaction going through efficiently and in accordance with your requirements.

We at O’Shea Russell offer numerous FREE ‘tools’ to both Buyers and Sellers on our website ( to include our downloadable Checklists and regular Blogs.

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