coin toss  I was very recently involved in a head-on collision on a narrow country road. I came off worse from the accident. A friend has advised me that those types of accident are treated as 50/50 accidents with both drivers equally responsible and that I’ll have to cover my own losses. Is he right?


Your friend is wrong in two respects though it is understandable that he would believe as he does.

Head-on collisions on narrow roads will often be resolved on a shared responsibility basis where there are no clear indications as to who is to blame. HOWEVER, it is most important to emphasise that no two cases are the same and each case falls to be considered and ultimately decided on its own merits. A wide range of factors will be weighed up by your solicitor in providing you with meaningful advices.

Your friend is also incorrect as to how the issue of loss is addressed in circumstances where both drivers are found to be equally responsible for an accident. A 50/50 finding does not mean that each driver covers his own losses. Instead, it means that each driver is responsible for half of the other driver’s losses.

Please do remember that all accidents must be reported to your Insurance Company even if they do not result in a claim or if you are not liable for an accident. Failure to do so can compromise your own Policy of Insurance to the extent that it is not effective in covering you.


* In contentious business a Solicitor may not calculate fees or other charges as a percentage or proportion of any award or settlement.


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