Legal Assistance On Purchase/Sale


Property DepartmentWe have been pleased to run a dedicated Property Department for in excess of 20 years and have been advising clients on the purchase and sale of both residential and commercial properties to include farmlands.

A wealth of experience has been acquired over the years and, as a qualified Tax Consultant, Nicholas can also provide solid Capital Acquisitions Tax, Capital Gains Tax and Stamp Duty Advice.

Property Law is a rapidly expanding and complex area. In many instances a transaction will be straightforward but there are an equal number of transaction where complexities arise.

Particular care has to be taken where purchasing at Auction and it is vital that your Solicitor is consulted to look at Title and implications prior to bidding.

First Time BuyersIn recent years our Property Department has also been called on to deal with a significant number of Re-Mortgages, Leases and Compulsory Purchase Transactions.

Let us bring our experience to bear in your favour.


Helping You Realise Your Dreams

Set Professional Fee of €995 plus Vat (23%) for Legal Services on Purchase/Property Transfer and Perfection of Mortgage Security

Set Fee is inclusive of the following…

  • Tax Advice from In-House Tax Consultant
  • Co-Ownernship Agreement Where required
  • Optional FREE WILL

Special Fee Packages also available for Owner Occupiers, Investors and Sellers. Contact us for a quote.

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