Pandemrix Vaccination ALERT

pandemrixThe Pandemrix Vaccination was produced specifically for the 2009 flu pandemic by Glaxo Smith Kline.    The vaccination was given to in or about 900,000 people in Ireland, however, some had serious adverse reactions which have now been linked clearly to the vaccination primarily through the work of Ms. Emmanuelle Mignot, Specialist in Sleep Disorders at Standford University US.  In or about 80% of those adversely affected are children.

We are now in a position to meet anyone adversely affected by this vaccination or seeking some guidance in relation to same.

The research that now exists links the vaccination to two specific conditions namely (a) Narcolepsy and (b) Cataplexy. The former is essentially a neurological condition as a result of which an affected person cannot control his/her amount of sleep or wakefulness.     Generally an individual will be unable to sleep for more than 90 minutes at a time and will fall asleep unexpectedly during the day.

The latter, Cataplexy, manifests itself in muscle weakness, loss of consciousness and heightened emotional responses.

It has been documented that children suffering from the adverse effects of this vaccination have reduced mental function and memory, can have hallucinations, suffer from learning disorders (sometimes leading to bullying at school) and, in worst case scenarios, can develop mental illness.

For any parent whose child is affected by this vaccination the implications can be devastating.    Those whose children have been manifesting any of these signs and who may yet remain to be diagnosed, it will be important to ascertain from the child’s medical records if a Pandemrix Vaccination was given and if this could be a factor.   The child’s GP should be the first stop.

At this time the whole issue of compensation is being explored particularly in respect of the adverse effects to some children whose lives can be completely disrupted as a result.

Please do not hesitate to call on us to discuss.

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