It is a blessing to have work and to be in a position to fully participate in the Workplace.  However, there is the inevitability that some Workers will be injured in the Workplace.  Where this occurs it can be a very confusing time and, for the injured Worker, a period of uncertainty and destabilisation can follow.

Step 1: Report the Injury

It is crucial that employees report an injuries to their employer as soon as possible.   Employers maintain a log for such incidents.

Step 2: Inform the Health Care provider that the injury is a work related.

The first time you seek medical care it is important to notify your doctor that an injury is related to work.

Step 3: Co-operate with the Workplace Investigation

Responsible Employers are Insured for incidences where an Employee is injured in the workplace due to the fault of the Employer or a fellow Employee and our many years of processing Claims for Employees in such circumstances has convinced us that Employers are, in the main, extremely supportive and only want to see their Employees looked after.  The best Employers will see such unfortunate incidences as a call for workplace reform and will implement appropriate changes.

It is important to ensure that whoever is appointed by your Employer to investigate the accident is given and records an accurate account of the occurrence.

Step 4: Keep a diary of all missed days of work, all travel and all out of pocket expenses.

The very discipline of doing this can help provide an “anchor” for an injured employee at a time of confusion and uncertainty.


Navigating through the process of your compensation claim can be confusing and stressful.

At O’Shea Russell Solicitors our Litigation Partner, Mary R. O’Shea, BA, LL.B, specialises in Injury Claims and will bring her considerable wealth of experience and common sense to assisting you with your Claim.  There is really no substitute for knowledge, expertise and experience.

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