sorryIn a Case before the High Court this week it was very refreshing to hear the HSE offer what the presiding Judge characterised as a “very meaningful” “out of the ordinary” apology and not “just a formation of words”.  This was given in the case of a little child whose parents were obliged to bring Court Proceedings in the High Court for birth injuries suffered by the child.

While one might surmise that the Family may have had to wait quite some time for an admission of liability and the tendering of an apology, it may nevertheless mark a change in attitude on the part of the HSE in such cases….. we can only hope!

The Apology read:

         HSE South/South West Hospital Group and the maternity department of Kerry General Hospital wish to                    apologise unreservedly to you and your family for the birth injury caused to your daughter Skye at the time of          her delivery.

         Whilst it was not intentional and it cannot be undone, we have learned lessons from the management of                      Skye’s  birth by having a formal review of which you were part.  This has helped clarify a number of                            important issues.

         I do not underestimate how traumatic this has been for you and your family but I can assure you that lessons            have been learned and acted upon with the ultimate aim of ensuring the safety of our patients at all times.  On          behalf of the HSE, we are truly sorry for what occurred”.


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