CITADEL Employment Law

Nicholas Russell B.C.L., A.I.T.I., BACITADEL is the Employment Law Arm of O’Shea Russell Solicitors specialising in Unfair Dismissal Law. We assist individual Employees and Employers in bringing and defending Wrongful Dismissal and Unfair Dismissal Claims.

All Claims are dealt with personally by Partner Nicholas Russell B.CL., A.I.T.I, BA drawing on years of experience as a Private Practitioner in this area with the additional perspective acquired from having acted as Vice Chair of the Employment Appeals Tribunal in recent years where a significant volume of cases had to be analysed and decided upon. We know what it takes to win.

Representation in this area is essential where the presentation of a case is a vital component. We provide that representation together with meaningful support for our Clients throughout the process.

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