If you wish to have your Personal Injury Claim processed by a dedicated Professional with years of experience of the challenges, pitfalls and processes around a Personal Injury Claim, the answer to this question is a resounding yes! 

It is important to recall that the only Professional in your corner in your Personal Injury Claim is your Solicitor.   The third party’s Insurers and, indeed, others with their own agendas will seek quick settlement with you to persuade you from seeking Legal Advice.    At O’Shea Russell Solicitors we like to think that the day is now gone when an injured person cannot see through the smoke and mirrors.  There is a mistaken belief abroad that a Personal Injury Solicitor is only interested in going to Court.   Nothing could be further from the truth.    The sole objective of a Personal Injury Solicitor is to see that his or her Client is treated fairly whether this be by way of settlement negotiations, mediation or, obviously, litigation.    It is the third party Insurer who pays your Solicitor’s costs so that the use of a Personal Injury Solicitor is essentially a “no brainer”.

While the presentation of a Claim to the Personal Injuries Assessment Board might seem like a simple process for the uninitiated, those who have retained a Personal Injury Solicitor to process this aspect of their claim have avoided the pitfalls. It was the great Abraham Lincolin who said that “only a fool has himself for a Client”.

This is true and , of course, the old adage of “there are horses for courses” applies.

Personal Injury Law/Accident Claims is an area where there are numerous misconceptions.    There are also plenty of uninformed opinions with only one specialised advice service.     The Personal Injury Solicitor is that Specialist.

At O’Shea Russell Solicitor we are happy to offer a FREE FIRST CONSULTATION (without obligation) to anyone looking for advice in this area.


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