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There are many significant and compensatable injuries that can occur in the workplace, while on the road or going about daily living.   One of the most complex and frustrating to remedy is a back injury.    The severity of such an injury can run from minor, to moderate or severe.

Where your back injury results from the negligence of a Third Party, a claim for compensation will not “fix” the injury but it is an attempt to put you back in the situation that you would have been in but for the accident.   Compensation will be awarded for pain and suffering and loss of amenity, loss of earnings and out of pocket expenses.

Back injuries come in various forms including sprains, fractures (discs), strains and herniation.   Indeed, 60% of workplace injuries are back related.   Equally, the level of medical intervention is dictated by the level of injury.

By their very nature, back injuries can take a considerable period of time to settle down.   Accordingly, Compensation Claims properly conducted by an Expert Personal Injuries Solicitor will track that recovery and pre-mature settlement will be avoided.    Anybody so injured needs to be particularly cautious around engaging directly with Third Party Insurers who will see the benefit for their Shareholder of quick settlement.   The imbalance in bargaining position and knowledge between the  Injured Party and Insurance Company cannot be overstated.   If a pre-existing back condition has been aggravated by an accident you may also be entitled to compensation.

If you have incurred a back or any injury for that matter where a Third Party might be a fault, do not delay in seeking our Advices.   A FREE FIRST CONSULTATION is offered to enable you to get Expert Legal Advice as to whether you have a Compensation Entitlement.   Regrettably, we are occasionally consulted too late by Clients within continuing chronic back pain from an earlier injury.   A strict 2 year limit applied to the institution of Proceedings for Personal Injury.


* A Solicitor may not charge fees or levy or any other charges as a percentage of any award or settlement.



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