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 Of course it does not but it can be extremely daunting.   For most people it will be the most significant Legal transaction ever undertaken and can prove mind boggling.    The keys to a smooth transaction are understanding, organisation and knowledge.    It is essential to have the right personnel in your corner primarily in the person of a good Surveyor and experienced Solicitor.

For Buyers, we have produced a HOUSE BUYERS CHECKLIST which is accessible on our  website Homepage    This Checklist has been prepared drawing on decades of experience in assisting House Buyers and dealing with the issues that can arise.

We provide a Comprehensive Conveyancing Service dealing with both Residential and Commercial Properties.    We provide full transparency around the issue of fees and are always happy to provide a quote.  Generally a residential purchase fee will be between €1,100 and €1,500 plus vat @ 23% and standard outlays.     For First Time Buyers we provide a special introductory Legal Fee of €995 plus vat @ 23%.

We provide competitive quotes and considerable experience around the acquisition of Commercial Properties also.

We have seen it all from the simple house purchase to the complex one involving distressed property or complex Probate considerations.     We have provided services also in the acquisition of a wide array of Commercial Properties.

As experienced Conveyancing Solicitors we are here to provide excellent service, reassurance and value for money.

* A Solicitor may not charge fees or levy or any other charges as a percentage of any award or settlement.


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