Sally Rowlette died in February 2013 following the birth of her fourth child at Sligo General Hospital. May She Rest in Peace.

The Verdict at Mrs. Rowlette’s Inquest was that she died as a result of medical misadventure.

As can often be the case where Medical malpractice is involved, the HSE and Sligo General Hospital were slow to admit liability and to apologise for the errors made. This pattern, unfortunately, is a feature of such cases and is evidence of the hand of Insurance Companies in such matters; this, of course, is cold comfort to any grieving family or injured person.

Mrs. Rowlette’s Family welcomed the apology. It was stated though on behalf of Mrs. Rowlette’s Family that her death was “entirely avoidable” and that “the idea that the HSE had a doctor working as a Consultant  who ups and leaves after a tragedy like this and cannot be traced does not say much for their vetting procedures”.

When will the HSE carry out thorough Health Checks of its own procedures and operations and implement appropriate remedial steps?


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