There can be a significant number of issues to be worked through in the Separation/Divorce process and your Solicitor is crucial to achieving a satisfactory outcome.   Reaching Agreement can involve negotiation between the respective Parties’ Solicitors or, indeed, simply necessitate documenting what the Parties have already agreed without issue.    In either circumstance it is important that the Terms of Separation/Divorce are officially recorded.

If you find yourself in a Separation/Divorce situation, it is inevitable that there will be considerable emotion around the entire process.   It is in this respect that your Solicitor can bring an objective perspective to proceedings.     The sad reality is that the legalities around Separation require considerable objective business acumen.   It is not always possible for a Participant in a Divorce to achieve that perspective unless supported by his/her Solicitor.

At O’Shea Russell Solicitor we encourage our Clients to participate actively in the entire process, however, we will bring to the table the considerable expertise we have around achieving terms.

One of the principal issues that arises apart from the obvious ones of property, maintenance, custody and access is the issue of Pensions which can be highly complex.   No Agreement in respect of a Pension is effective without a Court Order which your Solicitor can secure.

In addition to the considerable emotional impact on the participants, the entire process of Separation/Divorce can be challenging.  If participants can see the process as an opportunity to grow and to pursue new opportunities for personal growth, then the process can be undertaken in a positive light.

From a legal perspective, the vast majority of Separation/Divorces will be settled and terms committed to writing by the respective Parties’ Solicitors without the necessity for Court intervention.

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